Das R-Motorsport Endurance Cup-Team: Marvin Kirchhöfer, Luca Ghiotto, Hugo de Sadeleer, Max Hofer, Jake Dennis, Tom Blomqvist, Ricky Collard, Daniel Juncadella und James Pull -  

Freitag, 13. März 2020

R-Motorsport 2020 mit globalem GT-Engagement

Niederwil – R-Motorsport gab heute die Eckpfeiler seines Motorsport-Programms für die kommende Saison bekannt: 2020 plant das Unternehmen aus Niederwil in der Ostschweiz das bislang umfangreichste GT-Programm seiner noch jungen Firmengeschichte. Im dritten Jahr des Engagements im internationalen GT3-Rennsport geht das Schweizer Team gleich in drei der wichtigsten GT3-Rennserien, der Intercontinental GT Challenge, der GT World Challenge Europe - im Endurance- und Sprint-Cup - an den Start. Hinzu kommt eine erstmalige Teilnahme an der GT4 European Series.

Comprehensive GT3 engagement with three Aston Martin Vantages

Three Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3 have been entered in the GT World Challenge Europe. The respective driver line-up consists of experienced R-Motorsport drivers like Jake Dennis, Marvin Kirchhöfer, Daniel Juncadella, Ricky Collard and Hugo de Sadeleer as well as of the newcomers to the team, Tom Blomqvist, Luca Ghiotto, James Pull and Max Hofer.

Events planned regarding the participation in selected rounds of the Intercontinental GT Challenge are the Bathurst 12 Hour, which has already taken place, the Spa 24 Hour which is the season’s highlight, and the Kyalami 9 Hour race.

Premiere in the GT4 European Series

The team from Niederwil near St. Gallen extend their motorsport engagement and have entered the GT4 European Series. The SRO championship rounds will be supporting races to the GT World Challenge Europe, a series which R-Motorsport is already involved in. The car to be run will be the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, which can be described as being “the small brother” of the GT3 version.

The R-Motorsport program with entries of three Aston Martin Vantage GT3s in the GT World Challenge Europe and in selected rounds of the Intercontinental GT Challenge is more comprehensive than ever. With our first-time involvement in the GT4 European Series we are also engaged in a wider range of motorsport. Our driver line-up consists of already established R-Motorsport drivers and young talent. The support of junior drivers is something we especially care about. R-Motorsport with their determined promotion program creates the basis for the successful careers of young and talented pilots.
Dr Florian Kamelger, Team Principal

R-Motorsport’s positioning within the R-Universe

R-Motorsport’s extensive program is one of the four key pillars that makes up the R-Universe brand. The R-Universe with its sub-brands, R-Motorsport, R-Experience, R-Reforged and R-Service is owned by the AF Racing Group. R-Motorsport is expanding by integrating a part of Arden Motorsport into its GT3 operations. Arden Motorsport is a British based company located in Banbury that has been R-Motorsport’s GT3 partner since 2018. The company has been operationally in charge for running the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 of the Swiss entity for the last two years. With the integration of the GT related areas of the Arden Motorsport operation the motorsport pillar of the R-Universe has been further strengthened.

Garry Horner, CEO Arden Motorsport says: “We are delighted to become an integral part of R-Motorsport and look forward to working together with the R-Universe brand.”

The four “R” brands encompass our concept of what the luxury automotive sector should represent, whilst always ensuring an extraordinary customer experience. R-Reforged is focusing on the production of highly limited special vehicles. R-Experience puts the customer at the centre of all activities relating to the “R” brands. In addition to this, R-Experience creates distinctive culinary experiences at the highest level of cuisine. R-Experience’s most notable achievements to date are the highly exclusive R-Motorsport hospitality experience at race venues and the restaurant 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA located in the heart of Zurich, which has only recently been awarded with a Michelin Star.

Further to the announcement of Aston Martin Lagonda to keep the Hypercar Le Mans project with the Aston Martin Valkyrie on hold, AF Racing (Switzerland) AG, who are a project partner with the Valkyrie program together with Aston Martin Lagonda and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, have always shown interest in a future Le Mans engagement. However, AF Racing (Switzerland) being a project partner were actively involved in the decision-making process and support the current re-evaluation of Aston Martin Lagonda’s long term motorsport strategy. Unaffected by the reassessment of AML’s motorsport strategy is R-Motorsport’s successful and further expanding global GT3 engagement with the Aston Martin Vantage which is a mainstay of the brand’s customer sports program.
Dr Florian Kamelger, Team Principal

Exclusive hospitality of R-Motorsport at all rounds of the GT World Challenge Europe

A new exclusive mobile restaurant concept will be built in the paddocks of the GT World Challenge Europe. After the success of last year’s hospitality unit the new building which will be used in 2020 will have two levels with a cube based upper floor.

With the high R-Experience service claim Signature Chef Dario Cadonau and R-Experience Executive Chef Ambros Notz will spoil the guests of R-Motorsport Aston Martin team in a culinary way. A special highlight will be the Lounge on the basement where new exclusive vehicles of the Aston Martin brand will be on display.

The R-Motorsport driver line-up

I am super excited to be expanding my GT3 program this year. Our GT3 involvement is becoming bigger and bigger each year. And to do it at the highest level with one of the best teams only means great things. It’s my third year with R-Motorsport and the relationship we have together is strong and we have full faith our goals are the same.
Jake Dennis

After my first year with the team I already feel at home in the R-Motorsport family. Following our joint DTM engagement I am already excited about what to expect from our GT3 program. I have prepared myself for the new challenges, especially of the endurance races, in the best way and I will give my very best with the team to contribute to R-Motorsport’s success.
Daniel Juncadella

With the experience of more than two years of successful joint work in the team our goal must now be not only to win races of the GT World Challenge Europe but also to go for the title. The foundations to this have been laid by our hard-working R-Motorsport team with an optimum preparation for the season.
Marvin Kirchhöfer

A new chapter of my career begins with joining R-Motorsport. My first impression of the work and atmosphere in the team is excellent and I am already excited about how we will collaborate especially with my team colleagues during the forthcoming season. From my own experience in endurance racing I know how important the right team spirit is for being successful.
Tom Blomqvist

Following our first common race weekend at Bathurst I am now looking forward to the start of the season in Europe. As I have been predominantly active in single seater racing so far, the collaboration with the teammates at endurance races is a new discipline for me. I want to learn as quickly as possible all necessary requirements to contribute in the best possible way to success.
Luca Ghiotto

I really feel at home at R-Motorsport and can’t wait to start into the new season. Our first year together in the Sprint Cup was already promising. After my victory together with Marvin at the Nürburgring in 2019 our target must be now to have a realistic chance in the race for the title.
Ricky Collard

My debut year with R-Motorsport was topped with becoming runner-up in the Silver Cup rating of the GT World Challenge Europe. Building on this experience I am looking forward to being entered in the Endurance Cup races besides the Sprint Cup rounds. This is why I am looking forward to a season with many different challenges.
Hugo de Sadeleer

I am really excited to join such a top professional team like R-Motorsport. It will be a new, important step in my career. So, I am looking forward to driving the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 at the first test. Naturally I will give my very best to contribute to the success of the team and to justify their trust in me.
James Pull

I am looking forward to the new challenge of racing with R-Motorsport in the GT World Challenge Europe. R-Motorsport belongs to the best and most professional teams in international GT3 sport. I can’t wait to race with the Aston Martin Vantage which is completely new to me.
Max Hofer

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